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Vietnam Advisory Services - VTA
Vietnam Advisory Services

Vietnam Advisory Services

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Services Provided

Our Advisory Services include:

Transaction Support

We assist parties seeking to undertake a transaction in Vietnam to understand and explore the target, get behind the potential strategies and options, and to look at the alternative deal structures to maximise value and flexibility within Vietnam. Our many years of experience working in successful transactions gives us a unique perspective to assist and understand what works (and doesn't work) with Vietnamese transactions.

Financial Due Diligence

Exploring and analysing the financial position of a company, the value drivers and dependencies, the internal systems and processes, and reliances and limitations arising, provides a critical tool to evaluate any transaction - and more particularly in Vietnam. The Financial Due Diligence exercise is core to investing in or acquiring a venture in Vietnam, with the local knowledge that Viet Tax Accountants can provide critical to truly determining the risks and opportunities inherent in the investee vehicle.

Vendor Due Diligence and Sell-Side Support

Where a company seeks to be ready for investment, it is commonly best practice to undertake a Vendor Due Diligence to understand the limitations and risks within the business, so that corrective action can be taken before a buyer investigates or undertakes their own due diligence. This will avoid value erosion from easily correctible items, and for more difficult issues it will provide the buyer with a potential road map to a more long-term structural process for ensuring compliance. This is all about maximising the enterprise value, and assisting the seller to realise that value.

Data Room Creation and Management

The data room is potentially the foundation to a successful transaction. Ensuring that the required financial and transaction data is available, stored/sorted appropriately and efficiently, and accessible by only those that need access, will help make an investment transaction run far more smoothly and much more likely to succeed, ideally when it is prepared and maintained by an independent party - resulting in  less conditions in the Sale and Purchase Agreement to resolve before final completion.

Post Transaction Review and Integration Assistance

Once a transaction has completed, the real work of maximising the opportunities and realising synergies commences. Having an external party help with the planning and execution of the post transaction matters, reviewing the effectiveness and roadblocks, and making impartial recommendations without a vested interest, will give the investors the best opportunity the achieve the financial returns they seek from the transaction they have just entered into.

Corporate Valuations

Valuations of an existing enterprise, business unit or operation can be complicated and subjective. At Viet Tax Accountants, we have the experience and data sets to provide realistic scenarios and modelling for preparing valuations of businesses in Vietnam. Whether a short-form summary assessment, or a detailed and integrated long-form valuation exercise, we can help investors and sellers best understand the potential values of the businesses in front of them.


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