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Taxation Compliance - VTA
Taxation Compliance

Taxation Compliance

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Vietnam’s taxation procedures are not only time consuming, they are opaque and constantly changing. Viet Tax Accountants provides extensive assistance with Vietnamese taxation obligations and requirements for entities operating in Vietnam, and those seeking to enter Vietnam. From taxation advisory and strategy development, through to ongoing monthly and quarterly compliance, our Taxation Services team is experienced in understanding needs, developing corporate solutions, and delivering a managed risk strategy for taxation in Vietnam.

Ongoing Services

Our Taxation Services include:

Ongoing Corporate Income Taxation ("CIT") Compliance, including monthly compliance, and quarterly and annual lodgements and finalisations.

We assist with meeting the ongoing Corporate Income Tax obligations of companies in Vietnam, including annual finalisations, quarterly provisional lodgements, and monthly documentation for compliance and strategic planning.

Ongoing Value Added Tax ("VAT") Compliance, including monthly, quarterly and annual lodgements.

The concept of VAT in Vietnam revolves around the Tax Invoice (commonly referred to as a "Red Invoice"), and VTA assists companies with meeting the input and output compliance obligations for VAT, along with the monthly/quarterly lodgements, refund claims for investors, and annual requirements.

Corporate Tax Consulting

Our Corporate Tax Consulting support and services provide assistance with a wide range of tax planning and professional advisory services to assist with specific tax strategies and issues with entering and operating in Vietnam. We assist entities with tax inspections and dealing with authorities to resolve specific tax issues, together with developing key strategies for long term tax compliance in Vietnam.

Personal Income Tax Advisory & Support

Assisting expatriate employees with their Vietnamese tax obligations, including foreign tax equalisations, Vietnamese quarterly provisional and annual personal income tax finalisations. VTA provides a wide range of tax advisory, compliance and rectification support for individuals in Vietnam. 

View our Guide to Personal Income Tax in Vietnam

Taxation & Compliance Reviews and Health Checks

Undertaking a review of the operations of an existing company, including the tax compliance and lodgement history (commonly referred to as a "Corporate Health Check") provides management with a strong understanding of the risks and issues that need attention within an organisation, and the potential financial impact of these issues. Using a checklist based approach, VTA's taxation and compliance reviews enable companies in Vietnam to focus on the key risks within an organisation and minimise future tax exposures. 

Taxation Due Diligence

We work with investors seeking to undertake transactions in Vietnam to complete Tax Due Diligence on a target company, often in conjunction with a Financial Due Diligence exercise, to obtain a true picture and analysis of the potential investment entity and to facilitate pricing and matters for rectification in documentation or post investment.

Taxation Policy & Compliance Manuals

Developing internal manuals and policies, which are in line with a group's corporate requirements, yet meet the Vietnamese tax requirements on an ongoing basis, is a core element to a strong internal control and compliance environment. We have extensive experience in developing manuals and policies in conjunction with regional and international teams to ensure corporate governance, consistency across regions and local compliance.

Transfer Pricing Consulting, Compliance & Support

Vietnamese transfer pricing requirements has changed in recent years to be more aligned with OECD standards, but still has significant differences and quirks. We assist companies in understanding the regulations in Vietnam, and put strategies in place to minimise the risks and ongoing compliance impacts of transfer pricing requirements.

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